WFC 2015

Registration is now open for the 2015 World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY. Go to (a real website is coming soom). Memberships $125 until 12/31/2013. The theme is Epic Fantasy.

Guests of Honor: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Steven Erikson, Graham Joyce (Toastmaster), David Drake (Special Guest), Glen Cook (Special Guest).

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Looking for a group

 Was curious if there is a group on LJ or elsewhere that World Fantasy eligible books and stories are listed. I know there were several places that I have seen Hugo eligible lists but I don't remember stumbling over one for the World Fantasy ones. 

Are you being approved?

Due to recent spam, we've had to move to approving people to post. Both kevin_standlee and I are watching this community (we live on different coasts, and so provide maximum coverage).

If your lj mostly consists of a profile picture featuring breasts, and no posts, and little to no user info, you generally won't get approved. Sorry. If you believe we've rejected you in error, email either one of us and state your case.

Now, would anyone like to talk about WFC in Columbus?
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Pr0n Zapped

The Pr0n spam that's been flying all over the LJ communities lately made its way to this community earlier today. I've killed the entry, thrown out the spammer, and changed the community settings to moderated membership/members-only posting. (That is, one of the community moderators must approve you to become a community member, and only members of the community can post to the LJ.)
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Exhibition Hall 4 on!

The new issue of Exhibition Hall is up on It's issue 4 and it's the best yet, in my eyes.

It's got Mike Perschon, Chris Garcia, Rich Coad, Ariane Wolfe, and Lloyd Penney. There's a review of The Anubis Gates, WindyCon and the Soulless party and ConSuite at the World Fantasy Convention. There's a look at the Handcar Regatta in Santa Rosa and much much more.

Of particular interest in this issue is a fine article on distressing clothing from Ariane Wolfe. It's all on!


WFC from Kevin Standlee (edited)

We (kevin_standlee & Cheryl Morgan) set up a Flickr group at for photos of the convention. People may be most interested in photos of the "flood" caused by a pipe from the hotel's 4th-floor pool -- above the ballrooms! -- bursting. No books were harmed in the making of this convention.

We did live coverage of the World Fantasy Awards as a CoverItLive event and were pleased to have more than fifty people logged in to our live-blog of the Awards, including at least one of the winners, who thus learned of her win nearly-instantaneously.

The "official" Twitter hashtag was #wfc2009 -- some people used #wfc09, and we discouraged #wfc because it was overlapping baseball posts -- and thus you can see all of the Twitterage at The Press Office was staying on top of Twitter during the con. This included quickly jumping on rumors after the pipe broke and clarifying that while a small portion of the carpet got wet along one wall of the Dealers' Room, no dealers' merchandise was harmed.

Recent posts at have been pointing to reviews of the convention as we learn of them.

Rick Kleffel's The Agony Column was doing interviews most of the weekend and is well-stocked with material to broadcast for a while.

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Letter to the San Jose police

Some of you may have wondered about the group of police officers in the hotel lobby on Sunday morning.  The officers were dealing with a criminal investigation.  I'm fairly certain that the victim wasn't associated with WFC.  However, some of you may want to hear about what happened, especially if San Jose is your home community.


I saw a lot of the investigation and felt that the police treated the victim poorly.  So I wrote a letter to the police department and the mayor's office.  I've copied the letter here, where you can read it if you want to.