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worldfantasycon's Journal

General Discussion of World Fantasy Conventions
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LJ for World Fantasy Convention, a roving annual literary con.
A group for the general discussion of World Fantasy Conventions, a roving literary convention.

Upcoming World Fantasy Conventions are:

2012: Toronto, ON, Nov 1 - 4
2013: Brighton, UK, Oct 31 - Nov 3

See the World Fantasy Convention website for more information about WFC and links to past conventions' web sites.

Posting questions about any particular WFC on this group will not necessarily generate a reply from that WFC. Each year's WFC is hosted by a separate group, so see that year's web site for information specific to that convention.

This community is not officially sanctioned by the World Fantasy Convention or by any specific WFC. This community is maintained as a discussion group about all WFCs in general, not any one specific WFC.